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Website Design

Gulfstream Boat Club

When we began our overhaul of the website, it was a case of form following function. With multiple locations, products, and packages it needed to be built to scale while still looking elegant and being easy to navigate.

We used CMS and dynamic pages to create content that could be easily customized while maintaining a standard, branded look and feel. This also allowed us to design content that could be customized by users in real-time with filters and sorting, providing site visitors with exactly the content they're looking for.

We made sure that the website captured the heart of the boat club: the gorgeous waterways of South Florida and Southwestern Florida—turquoise waters, white sand beaches, luscious palm trees, and a relaxed but elevated vibe.

The blog is an essential part of the site—in addition to helping with SEO, it's a genuine member benefit. The blog is chock-full of location specific excursion guides, helpful how-tos, explainers on boat club policies and procedures, and detailed insight about how members can get the most value out of their membership.

The mobile version of the site is equally robust, if somewhat pared down, giving mobile users easy-access to the information and areas they need most.

Web design, Graphic Design, Photography, Branding, Copywriting, UX/UI

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